OCEANA program

OCEANA: Optimization of the Capabilities to Engage and Aquire, using neuroscientific methods

A program to teach neuroscience with the aim to improve learning, concentration emotion regulation

Children have little exposure to understanding how to attention can be ‘controlled’ to facilitate their learning. This program, validated by researchers in cognitive science, does so with a structured approach guided by neuroscientific research.

The program aims

  • propose a playful teaching kit of neuroscience for young mind: games, comics, tale, activies …
  • promote the idea that teaching neuroscience help kids improve the regulation of stress, emotions, attention that can affect memory and learning, with the help of a scientific validation
  • to help to put new knowledge in action (not release yet/on going work)
  • build a community and help teaching that try to use the kit
  • listen and integrate feedback from users

the teaching kit

your feedback on the kit page or by email at contact@cognijunior.org 


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The community of users

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Program news

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