OCEANA – Logbook – colaboration

8 years old children, with Claire Birotat-Moncet.

Week mid March 2017 by Isabelle Malet


After introducing the brain to the kids in multiple sessions, we are preparing a conference. Activities that were done with the class will be presented to an audience of 200 persons. The school approved the invitation from Wax Youth that organise an event called “talking to an audience”. Isn’t it a situation where each children will have to deal with auto-regulation their mental states?


This Thursday 16, they met with M. Jérémie Chaligné, organizer of the event with our class. M. Chaligné answered their questions. Children explained their choice of topic, why they are excited about talking about the brain, and areas in the brain, what is in our head et that we don’t see, cells, neuronal path, cerebral plasticity, and how it works.


The follow up of our project around knowing about the brain take ground : how to control attention, emotions that can interact and compete with memory performance. They get aware and understand their mental states to control better their attention, a big challenge for each of the children.