OCEANA : What is it?

OCEANA for ‘ Optimisation of Capabilities to Engage and Acquire, using neuroscientific methods’.


What is the program OCEANA?

The objective of this program is to raise the awareness of students via their abilities to pay attention to and learn, in order to optimize their learning process. In this medium, where schools and researchers come together, ideas and resources are pooled to produce innovative teaching methods. However, no one can innovate alone. OCEANA program aim to bring teaching and scientists together to:

  • decrease obstacle
  • innovate with a higher quality production
  • obtain shareable results

As designers of the program, we feel the need to create ethical (learning) products based on validated scientific knowledge and to validate our tools with teachers. To accomplish achieve this we-have called expired upon scientific methods to bring this project to life. OCEANA is the accumulation and realization of a long, multi-stage process combining scientific and teaching methods to produce a positive and lasting impact on children’s education.



Who are the members of OCEANA?

  • Cogni Junior: created by doctoral students in cognitive science and neuroscience to create playful tools to outreach science. Today, this project includes teachers who provide their expertise in teaching and spreading knowledge, as well as fulfilling their wish to provide new teaching methods to present neuroscientific topics to their students. The content of these presentations are developed with scientists in order to develop effective teaching methods, and monitor and improve the teaching experience.
  • Teachers testing the kit: If Cogni’Junior is leading this adventure, it’s because we hope to provide tools that can be use by all, so the use of the kit should not require initial knowledge of neuroscience. It’s with this aim that the team wish to take one year to improve the kit with all feedback that we can get from users. It will get out a unic program, made with and for teachers. After this validation on the pedagogic level, we will lead a scientific validation of the effect of the kit on academic improvement (year 3).

Cogni’junior actions:

  • supervising teachers in the understanding of knowledge and bringing awreness to scientific method
  • collecting scientific literature around key words of the program to integrate most up to date scientific information in the program in a popularize way 
  • creation of the teaching sequence about neuroscience prior to the applied sequence (meditation or other exercises)
  • creation of scientifically validated tools and documentation to help the teaching
  • networking and interaction with partner (JL Berthier, Donders Institute …)

The courses of the program OCEANA

To Ensure a proper validation of this program is Being the carried out, we make use of a 3-year protocol:

  • Year 1 :
    • teaching kit creation: theory part
    • 3 pilot classes (years 2 – 4 – 6) in Nord and South of France
    • translation in english and dutch
    • 1 pilot class in the netherlands
  • Year 2 :
    • validation with the teachers community
    • distribution: 300 hardcopy of the kit available for free (usb key + games)
    • intégration des retours d’utilisateurs
    • création de la partie pratique du kit
    • préparation de la validation scientifique
  • Year 3 :
    • scientific validation
    • collaboration with researchers for it
    • training teachers/creating tutorial video.