OCEANA – Logbook – Week 2

A stressful situation

This second week, it’s the first activity session : the face-to-face with a stressful situation. Our two pilot class work in partnership. Students are making oral presentations (about a talent) and make movie of themselves. Videos will be sent to the other class.  
… So unknown students, on the other side of france, are going to see their video This is quite a stressful situation (if only doing an oral presentation in front of their classmate was not stressful enough)
Then, they analyse others’ performance. How they behaved ? How did they feel ?



The programme started with the 10 years old. Stuents talked about this stressful situation because presentations were filmed and will be sent to another class, that they don’t know. I didn’t say anything about details of the other class from the south of France, we are waiting for their movies.

We began by the signature of a chart on our future well behavior, every one agree. I will send it as soon as I have a better wifi : it’s was a very solemn moment.

I will try to send during the day the sum up obtained after the three first speeches : the feeling of students that did the talk and the comments from the students in the audience … It was noted the sentences heard : my question:
– it seems to me interesting to make a table with all comments and count how often they come back .. what do you think?

Have a good day.



Here we are! We are relieve to have started the project.
We begun by the reading of the well behavior consent. Students had a lot of questions. But why? what is it for? Students were so excited when I announced that we are going to work with another class from Paris that I add to calm them down several time. Overall the session 1 was a success. To know that unknown students will watch their speech created a real tangible tension.

The presentation of the talent transformed in a presentation of “after school activities”. But the comments explaining “what I felt” and “what I observed” were anyway relevant. The word stress emerged quickly.

Four students did their presentation in front of everyone, all others filmed themselves in pair. We are looking forward to see the video from the Parisian students.

Vivement la semaine prochaine !