OCEANA – Logbook – Week 1

Between the 19 and the 28 f September 2016, Caroline and Isabelle (and Caire) give initial questionnaire to children to fill in. Theses questionnaire were testing the focus, empathy, or emotion perception skills of students. 

Firsts needed adaptations appeared quickly:
  • the idea to help student to answer with picture representing the Likert scale (5 choice between “I agree” and “I disagree” with the sentence) was a success. 
  • some sentences requested explanations. Both teachers choose to read the question and to ask all children to answer one question after the other, all in parallel. To avoid that explanations influence students answers and to be sure that we all talk about the same concept, we wish to define example to explain the question for the later the use of theses questionnaires (later in the year and year 1).
  • the last things to modify for later will be to realize a computerized version of the quizz to win time on the gathering of data.
third years of primary school student (of Caroline) and fifth ones (from Claire and Isabelle) succeeded to answer, only the first years of primary school that will may be participate remains. We are looking forwards to see how hard it will be for them, we are thinking to remove 2 out of the 5 questionnaires that might be more complex. 
Dispite everything, third years students demonstrate a great difficulty to answer questionnaires in this begining of scool years, they are just out of second years. Let’s see later if this is due to a lack of knowledge about emotions, their physical and mental states or this difficulties is link to a lack of skill in answering questionnaires. The second questionnaire in few month will tell us about that. 
It would be tempting to look at results, but this could influence the behavior of teachers in the realization of the program. So, let’s be patient!