OCEANA – Logbook – bonus

Novelty in the program

 The arrival of a 5 years old class in the program
We had the pleasure to give the start to a new class, a 5 years old class from Paris. So for them, it was the stage of the initial questionnaires
A challenge for such a young participant, they have to follow the row to answer, to understand the question. It takes some time but the teachers Isabelle and Marie-Odile are motivated and are looking forward to the results of the questionnaires. 
They are not the only one, children are answering conscientiously to the exercise. They want to understand the question very well to answer it as accurate as possible. A surprise!
 Start of the autoevaluation questionnaires
In the class, questionnaires of “activity autoevaluation” had been used for the first time. In Caroline’s class, it was after a math lecture and with Isabelle, it was after mental computing : subtraction of integer on a slate
A surprise was awaiting Caroline on next monday, children requested the questionnaire after another activity, an exam about math this time. Did they need to express their stress ? or to tell their teacher about how they felt ? 
And the tuesday, again. 
Now, Caroline is ready ! She have copies of the questionnaires on the corner of her desk to answer the request. 
In Isabelle’s class, 10 years old answered questionnaires already 3 times, it’s short and apparently, it’s appreciated. 
So, what sensitivity or needs are we puling the string with this questionnaires? 
On the team side, we are looking forward to analyse the questionnaires !
Take a look at some example of them :