Robi the Robot

Cogni’Junior continue to diversify its projects and create story touching to robotic. We are searching for an illustrator to build a graphic environment around the “lab book” of Maya. Of course, all interested person to participate to the redaction cancontact us. Inside this thematic, we will talk about : human and artificial perception, the question of learning and consciousness, the anthropomorphism …
We are waiting for you! =)

a preview

Robi, the robot



Maya like to visit her grand mother, she knows how to bricole… even build robots.



The team CogniJunior

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Our next tale is under construction and will be called Robi the robot.

The story of Robi:

Maya see her mother overloaded by responsabilities. With the help of her grand-mother, she build, hiden, a robot : Robi. She wish that this machine help her mother to have more time to rest and spend more time with her.

During the creation of Robi, Maya came up with a lot of questions that never came to her head before: how a robot can perceive its environment? In which way it can understand orders that we give? And most of all, how her family is going to react when she will bring Robi home?

Scientific knowledge:

This story aims to link biological knowledge, artificial intelligence, psychology and phylosophy. Particularly, it enable us to talk about:

  • perception of the environment by robot, animal and humans

  • to compare human brain organised in neural networks and electric information circuit of robot

  • the difference between function of system (for example, seeing) and the physical structure (electronic or biologic components)

  • learning

  • consciousness

  • the place of robot in our society

  • anthropomorphism (the tendency to attribute humans features to entity that are not humans)