Brain Puzzle and movement

Taking the opportunity of the new school year 2015-2016, we invite you to discover the new Cogni’Junior puzzle:


This puzzle was created to go along with the exhibit “understanding better the brain to learn better”. You can use it in classroom freely by printing the template or creating it. A poster with explanation about the different brain areas that are displayed on the puzzle will help you to use it. To bring information about memory in class, we invite you to use the tale mimi the microglia and the voluntary movement, where you can follow the path of information from the creation of the movement command to the realisation of it at the muscle level. Once again, do not worry, the aim is not that students learn all the brain areas name related to it. Our puzzle is the most informative possible relatively to the current scientific knowledge. Only introduce what you are confident in explaining. The idea is to show that we don’t only use ONE area to realize a movement but a NETWORK of brain areas, talking to each other, as a symphony orchestra! Theses areas are spread on the inside and outside of the cortex, which makes impossible to represent in one level : our puzzle have two levels.

Internal view

External view


Scientific references:
- Mc Gill website : movement.
- a video about how movement is controling the body
- Lyon university treasure several videos

DSC09043 DSC09044 DSC09047