Open day – Donders Institute

For the open day of the Donders Institute(24 septembre 2016), our partner and our support for the OCEANA program and the Cogni’Learner kit, Cogni’Junior took over the children’s corner (kinderhoek).
Over a whole open space, we displayed neuron and glial cells plush, all our puzzles, for some of them, freshly out of the woodworker shop and our memory game with a new gameboard. And all of it translated in dutch!
We saw a lot of little and bigger children and thanks to a team of volunteers from the Donders Institute, the meeting was a success. A new and very positive experience with a dutch and international audience (a lot of children from international researchers were also speaking spanish, english, german…).
We gave to the public the opportunity to express themself on a big white banner do have a souvenir output of this open day.

In another room, the blog from the Donders (Donders Wonders) displayed the comics from Cogni’Junior on big A0 poster and they received a very good feedback.

It was the opportunity to promote the Donders Cogni’Learner kit with a poster at the entrance of the children corner.

Overall, with more that 2500 visitors on one day, the event was a great sucess.

Pictures from the event are available online 
As for the children corner, it’s bellow: