Regional Day of trainers – Tours

In August, 31th, 2016, we went to Tours, to participate in the Journée régionale des Formateurs: a special meeting gathering around 200 people conducting formations for adults, attached to the French Ministry of Education. We have been invited to do a conference presenting cognitive science. We therefore introduced some concepts linked with learning situations: the role of testing in learning processes, memory (or memories!), the interactions between previous knowledge and notions being taught. We have presented strands and results of research allowing us to question and discuss pedagogical practices: which degree of autonomy should we let to learners? How to deal with the diversity of learners? What could be the benefits of digital tools for formation? Discussions occurring during the conferences have been continued during two workshops, lasting one hour each, and gathering 40 people for deeper exchanges.

This day has been really rich for us, because of the many questions asked, participants’ interest and experiences shared. To be continued… =D