Sadvanturer of the brain

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Call for researchers

Sadvanturers of the brain

Foster young cognitive researchers !


Would you like to share your passion about cognitive science and participate to young people education? Cognitive science into school, it’s possible, but only with your help.


This year 2015-2016, from elementary to high school, students are going to become “Sadventurer of the brain” and try to solve a question from cognitive science by leading their own experiment. It’s learning by doing research.

But theses young researchers need a model.

We are proposing you to foster a class on their scientific project, via mail exchange, video-conference, social media interaction or by visiting them, for a total of few hours of investment.

The pedagogic team of “Les Savanturiers”, the scienific networks and you, will be here to orientate and help the class and the teacher to manage their adventure.


After a training at the CRI (interdisciplinary research center, paris), teachers will with their students:

  • build scientific question coming from student interogations
  • establish the state of the art for this question
  • propose a protocol and lead the research
  • conclude and explain (even propose a new question)

Details of last year projects :

The explanation will be done with a presentation and a publication at a young researcher conference.

Details of last year conference at the “cité des sciences et de l’industrie”, Paris.

You are engineer, student r researcher and you can talk about memory, attention, perception, robotic, emotion, learning, ethology, anthopology.

To become “Godfather/Godmother”, it’s this way:

Winner of “La France S’engage” and “des Investissements d’Avenir”

Les Savanturiers – School about research, is a pedagogic plan deveopped by the Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires which work on putting education via research, from elementary school game carpet to expert laboratory. Our ambition is to give all students and futurs citizens a critical, engaged and innovative mind that characterize research.

The scientific research is made of engagement in cllaborative projects with questioning, creativity, procesion, opening to international, accumulation of shared knowledges, unknow exploration willing and common well being innovation. It’s paradigmastic of the willing of citizens that are engaged in XXI century, becuse the capacity to identify problematic and ask new pertinent questions characterize all engaged innovators, in every job area