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Mimi, la microglie



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Mimi, the microglia



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About Mimi

Mimi is a glial cell of the brain, and more accurately it’s a microglia. She have to care about Louis a neuron, with the help of Astride, an astrocyte. Mimi is tired of her work and, one day, she decide to leave to search for the chef to talk with him about her need of holidays.


Lead from neuron to neuron following message that they receive, Mimi is living an amazing adventure. She assists to the birth of a neuron, heal another, attached by microbes, see some fireworks when neurons communicate and discover cells that she didn’t know about …


But, is she going to find this famous chef od the brain?



Scientific knowledge 

This story aim to illustrate some global notion of anatomy and physiology of the brain. Particularly, we are talking about:

  • Global shape of neurones (with a soma, an axon and dendrites)
  • Connection between neurons, and their networks
  • Adult neurogenesis
  • Transmission of the neural information: thanks to action potentials (electric) and neurotransmitters (chemical)
  • Myelin sheath and oligodendrocytes that play a role in its creation
  • Microglia, cells of the immune system of the brain
  • Astrocytes, with a role in nutrition and partipating to the creation and functioning of synapsis


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Mimi the microglia is the first character created by Cogni’Junior.

It’s a glial cell of the immune system traveling inside the brain and discovering how it works.

The tale was created in september 2013.

Mimi’s adventure developped in comics, with a target, this time, older.

We let you discover the adventure and hope that you will like it!

L'équipe CogniJunior

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