Brain puzzle and connexions


Axes of brain connexions

This puzzle was created to go along with the exhibit “understanding better the brain to learn better”. You can use it in classroom freely by printing the template or creating it. A poster with explanation about the different brain areas that are displayed on the puzzle will help you to use it.

Once again, do not worry, the aim is not that students learn all the brain areas name related to it. Our puzzle is the most informative possible relatively to the current scientific knowledge. Only introduce what you are confident in explaining. The idea is to show that brain areas communicate between each other, that it exists highways of communication (but also litle road that are not represented in the puzzle). Theses highways exists in everyone’s brain, as do the main lobe, it belongs to the genetically predefined anatomy of the brain. We are still in the demonstration that the brain is a network of areas, talking to each other as an symphony orchestra!

Theses tracts are inside the cortex, we represented them on two levels (more or less inside the brain).

Internal view

External view


Scientific reference:
Fiber Tract–based Atlas of Human White Matter Anatomy